IT returns and term policy

POSTED BY srinivas kuknoorpalli ON August 3, 2011 4:55 pm ONE COMMENT

Hi everyone,

I am 25 years old, working as developer in a private firm with a salary of 1 lakh per annum( joined the firm six months back) and am married and have mother and grandparents to look after. i am the only earning member of the family and we get 30,000 rs as rents from our house in hyderbad.I am in confusion state. coming to my issue i am planning for a online term polcy and also palnnning to file IT returns. Can any one tell me how to file IT returns easily in a convienient way. should i file IT returns for my salary(1 lakh) only bcoz rents are taken by my mother.i dont have salary silps from my company they pay me in cheques as salary slips are required for a online term policy,. so what should i do inorder to take a online term policy and also It returns.

 plz help me


thanks in advance

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  1. No you dont need to file the returns as your are not paying any tax and not liable for any

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