IT returns acknowledgements (ITRV) got lost

POSTED BY hardik patel ON March 30, 2011 6:03 pm COMMENTS (3)

Hello All,

Is it possible to get pasts ITR-V (for about last 3 years only) by approaching our Income Tax Department? (given that the tax was not filed online)


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  1. Vishnu Prasath says:

    Theoritically, when you file your next IT return in Pune, all your existing returns & other documents should get transferred from Bangalore to Pune… (This is what I heard from one of the officer when I went to file return). But, it takes lot of time for this proces..

    So, you can contact Bangalore office where there is a better chance of getting it. That too, if you request them before this year’s filing.

  2. hardik patel says:

    thank you Ashal. One more question, since past 3 years I was in bangalore and got recently shifted to pune, so do I have to approach Bangalore’s Income Tax office/officer or Pune office/officer can also serve my request for this?


  3. ashal jauhari says:

    Dear Hardik, the answer lies in your question itself. Since the returns were not filed online, no ITR-V were generated. For the lost physical ITRs’ filed at your city Income Tax office, it’s advisable to write a letter to your assessing officer to provide you xerox copies of your prev. filed ITRs.



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