IT Demand outstanding mail from CPC.

POSTED BY Sathish DV ON April 1, 2012 10:59 pm COMMENTS (4)

I have filled my IT returns for 2009-2010 on 19-3-2010 and also got E-Receipt for the same on 10-05-2010. I have paid my tax dues of Rs. 33761 and received the I TR-V form for the same with tax dues as 0. But I’ve forgot to send the I TR-V form along with some proofs to CPC, Bangalore. Now I have received an mail from IT dept. asking me to pay the dues of Rs. 28160. Some payed third party filed on behalf of me and not able to contact them now. Please advice me what needs to be done?

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  1. Sathish DV says:

    Ashal – Thank you very much…..

    I’ll do it asap.

  2. Dear Satish, as you had not posted your ITR-V, the said ITR is null & void now. From your query, I’m unable to understand, how the dues tax of Rs. 33761 paid by you & still there is an arrears demand for that null & void ITR of Rs. 28160. Also it’s not clear that you are talking about FY 2009-2010 or AY 2009-2010?

    Can you share more details?



    1. Sathish DV says:

      Hi Ashal,

      Thanks a lot for your quick response.

      It was AY 2009-2010. IT returns were filled electronically by paying the tax dues of Rs. 33761 ( I have taken DD for the same and submitted to the third party). Then I have received ITR -V form with Total Taxes Paid (7a+7b+7c +7d) – 33761. Tax Payable (6-7d) – 0 and Refund (7e-6) – 0. While e-filling the returns some education loan interest and home loan interest where calculated and same has been filled in respective columns hence total taxes came down to Rs. 33761. There after I got the e-receipt too. But I’ve forgot to send the ITR-V form along with the proofs.

      Please advice.

      1. Dear Satish, FYI- as you forget to post that ITR-V, your Income Tax return is still pending & that e-filed return is null & void. I’m afraid that now you may be denied that interest adjustment as claimed by you originally.

        The way out, please contact a CA or a Tax Professional in your city & take his help to sort out the matter.



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