Is this right time to Value Invest?

POSTED BY TheZionView ON November 26, 2010 6:46 pm COMMENTS (5)

Since the markets are crumbling down ,is this right time to put more money into Mutual Funds?

I already have some SIP running with few funds ,i also have that PIN option with all to do online investment ,if needed.

Since the market is down ,so is NAV can i go ahead and purchase more MF units for low cost,which will go up when market will run back to 6000?


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  1. Ramesh Mangal says:

    Always a good idea to do this kind of value investing. Go ahead.

  2. prabeesh says:

    typo..* significant

  3. prabeesh says:

    Its for long term,,i was asking for value investing,just to increase the over all profit…since in last few days the markets came as low as 5700 ,,i could put in some more money to aquire more units in Mutual Funds in less price..which will eventually grow over the year and make a difference..

    As the difference of even 1 or 2 % in a long term is very signification…well here im not trying to time the market ,,just adding value investing when markets are down.

  4. sainath says:

    If you really want to go ahead with SIP for long term, then market conditions are irrelevant. But be sure you select a good fund based on fund managers like prashant jain , sunil singhania, mark mobius etc.

  5. Ramesh Mangal says:

    If you money to be invested for quite a long term, it is “probably” a good time to invest even in current circumstances.
    If for a short term, then this volatility is risky.

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