is there any ‘credit-card’ available at present without annual charges ? if yes, give me the details, pl.

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  1. crosswordsguy says:

    @ Rupak,

    Earlier most of the Credit Card issuing banks were providing “FREE FOR LIFE” credit cards. In fact I myself hold many cards and all are without annual fee. But, recently most of the banks have started charging Annual Fee.

    However, as advised by other experts you MAY get fee waiver if you spend a stipulated amount.

    I would suggest 2 cards to you, though technically speaking these are not free for life:

    —- Super Value Titanium Card (SCB)
    1) No Joining or Annual fee for 1st year. 2nd year onwards they charge Renewal Fees of Rs. 750/- . I believe you can get waiver on this too if your spending is good.
    2) Waiver of 2.5% Fuel Surcharge, 2.5% Cash back on Fuel at every Petrol Pump
    3) 5% Cash back on Mobile, Gas, Electricity (Utility Bills),
    4) Offers on Lifestyle Stores and other multi brand showrooms

    —- Indian Oil Citibank Platinum Credit Card (IOCL)
    1) Annual fee of Rs 1, 000, waived if you spend Minimum Rs 30, 000/- .
    2) No Fuel Surcharge, 2.5% Cash back on Fuel at participating IOCL Petrol Pumps
    3) Turbo Points (TP) on Fuel and other purchases, 1 TP equals to Re. 1


  2. Anand says:

    HDFC credit card is more credible. Go for it. You can apply online.

  3. I have a ICICI Platinum credit card and there is no annual fees in that as well ..

  4. Dear Rupak Sen, I’m using HDFC & SBI credit cards for myself. Both cards do have a waiver of annual fee if I spend over a cut off amount in a year. I do not have ICICI CC but there too similar facility of annual charge waiver for spend more than a cut off value is available.



  5. Even if there is fee, call them and ask them to wave it off. I am sure they will do that for you.
    they are not keen on annual fees any more. They get lot more than that in terms of interest 🙂

  6. says:


    Most credit card comes these days where the annual fees are waived if you spend more than a certain amount annually. HSBC is one that I’m aware of with this option. There might be other cards too

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