Is SBI ‘Her Ghar’ Loan option better than Max gain for a women to take a home loan ?

POSTED BY Prajnya Shetty ON September 21, 2014 10:36 pm COMMENTS (3)


First of all, I would like to thank you Jago Investor team for providing useful information on personal finance. I am a working woman and planning to take home loan. I am bit confused between SBI ‘Her Ghar’ Loan and SBI maxgain.

SBI Her Ghar loan is special designed for woman at reduced interest rates at 10.10%, I am not sure whether overdraft facility available or not in this product.

However SBI Maxgain is having Overdraft facility which enable the customer to earn optimal yield on their saving by reducing interest burdernon Home Loans and the interest rate for this product  is 10.15%.

Please suggest which  product is suitable for working woman. Appreciate your help.

3 replies on this article “Is SBI ‘Her Ghar’ Loan option better than Max gain for a women to take a home loan ?”

  1. Prajnya Shetty says:

    Thanks Manish for your reply. Actually I am looking for scheme with less interest amount. It doesn’t matter for me whether it has overdraft facility or not.
    So based on your response, I think I should go for “Her Ghar” scheme. Thanks for your help!

  2. Prajnya

    The main question you have to answer is “Are you looking at over draft facility in your financial life ?” . Do you want to that thing to be in your account or not ?

    A lot of people take max gain for that main additional benefit only . So you should also take it , if you are looking for OD facility . Else its totally fine to go with Apna ghar scheme. However note that over time interest rates comes down


  3. Prajnya Shetty says:

    waiting for the response .. 🙂

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