Is Professional hazzard a consideration while getting an health insurance.

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HI Guys,

Recently i was going through health insurance brochure of AEGON RELIGARE, it mentioned a lot of things but one thing which caught my eye was…….

What is not covered under the AEGON Religare Health
+ Any claim

War, riots, civil commotion, strikes, civil war or service in the military
or paramilitary forces of a country at war

 Can anybody confirm, what happens to the Army personnel involved in active operations in J&K and Northeast (for that matter anywhere, since problem persists everywhere & outcome is not really known). Will this be considered as WAR/ WARLIKE situation and health insurance be denied to him/her.

I searched for other health insurance providers & almost everybody has the same clause.

Now, with this one more question  arises.

“Can Term insurance be also denied due to Professional Hazzard (Particularly in above mentioned case)” ?

Your views would be extremely welcome, since my knowledge in this case is really limited.



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  1. Sourav Shah says:

    Dear Avinash,

    Firstly and foremost, you are a very informed customer and I am so happy to see that a platfiorm like this is being utilised by individuals like you and facilitated by Manish. Secondly I am sorry for this delayed response.

    To answer your query Avinash, AEGON Religare health plan does not deny cover to army personnels. What the policy does not cover is ” Casualty suffered in war”. An army personnel injured in routine course of duty will obviously be covered and his claims be settled. So as long as the Army personnel has not suffered casualties in war like situation, then he is covered.

    Also for all war casualties, army personnels are first treated for in the army hospitals which is set up at the army base itself. So this is taken care of by the army itself.

    Hope I have answered your queries. You may feel free to write to me for any queries in future.

    *Disclaimer – The views expressed here are personal and are not binding on the company.


    Sourav Shah (Sr. Manager)
    Aegon Religare (E Sales)

  2. I have mailed a senior manager at AR along with cc to you , we will get an answer soon


    1. Avinash Borse says:

      Thx manish

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