Is passbook required while making Death Claim for Post Office Savings Account?

POSTED BY norvinm ON October 22, 2014 12:09 pm NO COMMENTS


My parents had a savings account with the Post Office in Panaji, Goa. I am the nominee on the said account. The P.O. is insisting on the original passbook or a police complaint (FIR copy) for issue of duplicate passbook. I tried telling them that the parties have expired so what is the need of a passbook. But they say as part of procedure, they need it or FIR copy. They say that an Affidavit or Indemnity will not do. Is this correct? It seems strange that they insist on a passbook when other banks have done away with the passbook system.

The question is 2 fold:

1. Is a passbook required for a death claim?

2. If the passbook is not available, is a police complaint required to issue the duplicate passbook?



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