Is PAN Migration necessary for Tax Refunds?

POSTED BY ajayagrawal ON October 10, 2013 1:23 pm ONE COMMENT


I am an individual. My PAN is currently in BKC 25/1/3 ward. I had filed manual ITR for AY 2008-09 in this ward.

After which, AY 2010-11 return was filed manually under different ward BKC/DT-01/Salary ward.

For both assessment years, IT refund is still due. and I have filed grievance in respective wards.

The issue is: DT-01 ward PRO has asked me to get the PAN migrated to DT01 from 25/1/3. or raise the grievance for 2010-11 with 25/1/3. The officer at ward 25/1/3 tells me that since the return was filed at DT01, they should process the refund.

I have following queries:

1. is the officer of 25/1/3 ward correct? or can I raise the grievance for 2010-11 with 25/1/3 ward irrespective?

The issue also is 25/1/3 ward is not prompt in clearing my refund for 2008-09, inspite of several follow-ups! what options do I have as I have also approached the Assessing officer of this ward couple of times too. until this refund is sorted, I cannot initiate PAN transfer to DT01 too, I guess?

Please help me with options. advise me if I can approach any common senior authority with this issue.


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  1. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Ajay, you can transfer for your PAN as well as Assessment transfer even now. Once your ASSEssing officer changes, you can file your complaint for old refund of 2008-2009 with the transferred AO.



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