Is LPG Direct Benefit Subsidy compulsory for every Indian household?

POSTED BY rockingguy ON November 19, 2014 9:30 am COMMENTS (3)


Government seems to be rolling LPG Direct Benefit Subsidy all across India.

Is it compulsory for EVERY single Indian household, rich or poor, whether living in village or big city to have bank account & AADHAAR and compulsorily enroll in this scheme?


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  1. Bipin Gupta says:

    Yes to receive gas subsidy a bank account is necessary , one cylinder advance subsidy will be transferred in the bank account. Aadhar is not must you can fill the form no 6 to receive subsidy without Aadhaar, give your bank details to LPG distributor subsidy will go directly into your account. DBTL is not compulsory , A person who don’t want subsidy can opt out for subsidy, Government has also appealed to rich people to opt out for subsidy as they can afford without subsidy cylinders. Visit
    for detailed info on LPG subsidy and Aadhaar

    1. Thanks for your comment Bipin

  2. Ajay says:

    Yes, but not rolled out to the entire country. The Govt is trying to make direct benefit option as the only option. This will at least reduce some leakage. I know a person who uses 1 cylinder every 3-4 months, and since the gas agency knows the pattern they sell off his quota of cylinders to other customers for profit. Such things can be cut down (hopefully) by direct benefit.

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