Is last 3 years Income Tax Returns compulsory for Home Loan?

POSTED BY sreejeshts ON May 21, 2014 10:37 pm COMMENTS (12)

While I was enquiring for a home loan, SBI manger told me that I need to submit Last 3 years Income Tax Returns. I only have 2 years return, including this year(2014-2015). I’m self employed, so is it necessary to qualify for a home loan? Pls help

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  1. Manish says:

    hello i filed ITR in 2013-14 but i missed 14-15 & now i am filling 15-16 & 16-17 so my ITR file is eligible to present in bank for loan

    1. Jasbir Singh says:

      hello sir, i am govt. employ form may 2014 to till date i filed only one itr 2016-17 in past and itr for 2017-18 is not filed yet, itr for 2017-18 is to filed in the month of July 2017. but i want to take loan for purchase of plot in haryana urban development authority (HUDA) as i am successful in HUDA draw in march 2017, the authority guidelines are that the successful person submit the full payment within 60 days from the date of allotment letter issued, the letter issued upto 04 may 2017, can i eligible to take loan from bank, please guide me at the earliest possible.

  2. alpesh says:

    Hello… i want to take home loan from sbi… my question is that it is mandatory that in last three years returns i filed only itr 4 along with balancesheet and profit and loss account. Can i take loan on the basis of filed itr1 sahaj of last three years..

    1. Sorry we dont know about this.

      1. alpesh says:

        No problem and thanks…

  3. sreejeshts says:

    Thanks Manish&Karan for the reply.

    I would like to stand with SBI Home loan since I need their MaxGain loan scheme. When I enquired with Income Tax CC, they told me that I can file ITR of 2012-2013 through offline (with fine). Since the loan is not an emergency, I think it’s the better option.

  4. CA Karan Batra says:

    Dear Sreejesh

    I agree with Manish – If you require a loan urgently and cant wait a few weeks, you can check with private banks and NBFCs and they may sanction the loan.

    However, if you can wait for a few weeks – you can file the return as ITR 4 is expected to be released in the next few weeks.

    You may also submit the previous 2 ITR’s to SBI and you can tell them to start the formalities and you will furnish them the latest year ITR once you file it.

    I would advise you to try to furnish them the latest year ITR because of the following reasons:-

    1. The income in latest year ITR is expected to be higher than previous 2 ITR’s which will lead to higher loan be sanctioned.
    2. It will help you easily avail a loan from PSU Banks and PSU Banks are always better than private banks.

  5. Hi Sreejesh

    I think you will face issue with SBI ..

    I took home loan from HDFC LTD , and I also had 2 yrs ITR only like you (I am also self employed) . I got the loan ! .

    Depends how smart is your HDFC agent ? Incase you need help I can connect you with my HDFC agent , He will surely get your work done 🙂 . He is in Pune, but you can surely check with him !


    1. Suraj says:

      Hi manish sir pls give me your hdfc home loan agent contact no. Asap

      1. Replied you with contact details on email


        1. Shivam Raj Pathak says:

          Well I also need the contact of your loan agent

    2. Ravi kanth says:

      Please send is detail I am also looking for home loan as a self employee sir.

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