is it risky to have demat and savings acccount in same bank ?

POSTED BY shaif.tazir ON January 11, 2014 2:44 pm COMMENTS (5)

Dear Friends , I am new to Demat/ trading ?

Is it risky to have demat and savings acccount in same bank ?


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  1. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Shaif, have you already invested a good amount in PF, PPF, FDs, MFs etc.



  2. Syamantak says:

    There can not be any hidden charges. it has to be mentioned in the agreement form. You can drag them to court if you see any changes that are not mentioned but deducted.

    there are only 4 types of charges may occur on demat accounts :

    1. the account maintenance charge (charged once in every 12 months)
    2. Brokerage on the transactions that you make. This comes on both legs a buy and a sell both are 2 different transactions. hence you pay brokerage while buying and also again when you sell. This charge is mentioned when you open your account. if the broker wants to change the brokerage rate, they have to get your consent before they can.
    3. STT – Securities Transaction Tax : This is what charged as per Govt laws.

    4. Trading account Charges : This is charged for the platform the broker house gives you so that you can transact online. In most cases this is free of cost, but you may be charged on this. Check with your broker before you open your account.

    There are multiple brokerage houses and I bet you wont get any single broker with absolutely no complaints! Since you are trying this for the first time, I’d suggest to go with the brokerage houses which has the bank as well. Transactions become hassle free (well almost) with those. Once you become an expert, you may prefer to go to a different one depending on your needs. if you become a trader, you most likely would prefer one which has the least brokerage. if you become an long term investor you have options to chose which has least account maintenance charges (along with a trading account offcourse)

    1. Syamantak says:

      Read it as ” if you become a long term investor…..”

  3. shaif.tazir says:

    Thanks for answer sir . My savings account is on HDFC , i want to get into investing and looking for demat a/c . I went through reviews of HDFC demat a/c on various forum. Seems experience are negative on interface and hidden charges. But on other hand same types of reviews are there for other demat a/c provider.
    I am very much a beginner , so if people here can share some more thoughts on this would be really helpful

    Thanks – Shaif

  4. Ashish Garg says:


    I have my savings and Demat with same bank and there is no problem. I have been operating both since last 5 years now.

    Whats your thought behind the risk?

    Ashish Garg

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