Is It really necessary to Buy HOME ? Cant I just invest it and make wealth ?

POSTED BY Sushant ON August 27, 2014 12:57 pm NO COMMENTS

I can Afford Loan up-to 35 lak. So automatically I am left with the limit of that. In Pune the Area is out of main city and very far from main city which is at least 25 km of radius. Also Locality Matters. So  With given budget only 1bhk can be available in main city near areas OR may be it goes up to 40 lakh..

I am not really in mood of Buying home. I can not imagine paying 30k 40k as emi everymonth for 10-15-20-30 years. I think its kind of Rent i am giving to bank.

How about If I put this 30k 40k everymonth is simple FD or in PPF or in DEBT mutual fund ?

Does it make me rich ? My Family force me to buy but I am against it..

What are your comments. My age is 30. Just married( for 2 years 😉 ) no any big tension of family only want to save for parent’s health but still its all cool..


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