is it possible to move cash from credit card to savings account??

POSTED BY Vineeth Govind ON February 20, 2013 9:28 pm COMMENTS (5)

hello friends,

i have -1000 in my credit card(got my money back when i cancelled a 1000 rupee plus transaction from credit card).is it possible to transfer this 1000 to my savings account?? iam holding icici savings and credit cards.

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  1. Credexpert says:

    Dear Mr.Govind,

    The amount of the cancelled transaction will be transferred to you credit card account. We would suggest you to contact the customer care of the bank and get the further steps for the same.


  2. Ashish says:

    Hi Vineeth,

    It is possible, since the amount is Rs.1000, credit card issuer may suggest you to adjust the amount in future purchases as generally bank takes about 7-10 days minimum to do the needful in these cases. I had also faced the similar situation with my SBI Card and they transferred the whole amount to my savings account. I spoke to their customer care and was asked to write a mail with details such as you name, bank name and a/c no., branch, MICR. IFSC code etc.

  3. Sudarshan MS says:

    Hi Vineeth,

    Yes it’s possible. I have done it with ICICI (when I got refund for the air-ticket for which I paid the month before). Just talk to the customer care, they will help you out.

  4. Dear Vineeth, If you are asking for a return back of already paid amount against a bill of your credit card in which you done a transactions & cancel the same so that the credit entry is there in your CC, Yes refund is possible. Please contact your Credit Card & ask there to return your money in the same bank from where you originally you paid the mly billing amount.

    Just FYI – I have done this one time with MY HDFC bank Credit Card, so sharing my personal experience.



  5. I don’t think a direct transfer is possible. You could ask them to issue a cheque for this amt. To which they will urge you to make a purchase and adjust the amt!

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