Is it ok to invest the new ICICI Global Stable Equity Fund?

POSTED BY Sudarshan MS ON September 7, 2013 12:46 pm COMMENTS (4)

ICICI Global Stable Equity Fund is a new Mutual Fund from ICICI which allows us to invest in Global fund. Is it ok to invest in such funds? There was a similar fund called US Blue Chip Equity Fund which is doing extremely well now, hence I would like to hear from th experts. Thank you

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  1. Dear Sudarshan, You get it right. The actual performance is not that much impressive but the rupee slide has made it very beautiful. Now interestingly, when the tide ‘ll turn for rupee, the very same fund ‘ll behave exact opposite & even the positive gains from US market ‘ll become negative due to currency fluctuations.

    If you are ready to digest this, please invest in the old fund not the new one.From taxation point, please do note that these funds are classified as debt funds as underlying Eq. assets are not Indian Eq. So net return may not be that much impressive.



  2. Sudarshan MS says:

    @Ashal… Due to rupee depreciation I guess.. but all the companies in which they have invested have done well.

  3. Dear Sudarshan, before I comment on this new fund, I want you to answer, what’s the reason of good performance for that US Bluechip fund? Can you figure it out on your own?



  4. Anshuk Jain says:

    This fund has no history since it just got launched. Surely expense ration will be high. if you want global exposure go for Motilal Nasdaq fund also called n100..

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