Is it necessary to have some liability to get a credit card ?

POSTED BY Hari Chaudhary ON February 28, 2013 11:22 am COMMENTS (7)

Hello everyone,

Two days back, I applied for CITIBank Rewards Card with all proper documents. Today in morning when I checked my mailbox, I found one mail from CitiAlert.India. It said they have reviewed the application submitted and the documents provided and regret their inability to process the credit card as it does not fulfill the internal policy criteria.

I called them and asked for the reason of rejection of application. The lady said that since I don’t have any liability and they can’t find my detail in CIBIL, my application can’t be processed.

I found it funny. Go and get some liability so that your data can be reflected in CIBIL, then only you can be eligible for appling credit card. 🙂

So is it really a valid reason ? Please Help !

[PS: I read somewhere at JagoInvestor that If you have no data in CIBIL, your score will be good]

Thanks in advance

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  1. Credexpert says:

    Dear Mr. Chaudhary,

    The lending decision depends on the credit policies of the lender and is at their discretion.
    Based on it, yes this can be a valid reason for rejection of your application. Alternatively, you could apply for a secured credit card.


  2. Dear Hari, EDUCATION LOANS are also considered for Credit report. if you do have one, it may be that your bank has not reported your Education loan into CIBIL or in case your education loan was taken by your father, his name is there in CIBIL report not yours.



    1. Hari Chaudhary says:

      Thanks Ashal

  3. Dear Hari, having no history for past Credit is actuallly treated as NH (no history) in CIBIL report. In this case it’s case to case basis that bank decides to offer credit line or not. It may look funny but certainly it’s not.



    1. Hari Chaudhary says:

      Thanks Ashal

    2. Hari Chaudhary says:


      Please clarify one thing more, does Educational Loan create credit history ?


  4. Of course it is stupid. Such rejections are actually quite common. Has happen to me once and a few others I know. Credit card companies offer cards without reason and reject them without reason!

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