is it good to invest by two sips for same fund?

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I am willing to start invest in QUANTUM LONG TERM EQUITY FUND- GROWTH, ICICI PRUDENTIAL FOCUSED BLUECHIP EQUITY FUND- GROWTH, SBI EMERGING BUSINESS FUND- GROWTH, IDFC PREMIER EQUITY FUND PLAN A- GROWTH, FRANKLIN INDIA TAXSHIELD- GROWTH, AXIS LONG TERM EQUITY FUND- GROWTH  mutual funds through SIP mode 2,000/- for each. Is it an good idea to invest 1,000/- on start of month and other 1,000/- on end of month instead of 2,000/- on a single sip for the same fund. Are the charges same for two sips and single sip of the same fund. Is my portfolio looking good ?

Sandeep Kumar

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  1. Dear Sandeep, if you want to play volatality in your favor, instead of opting SIP, please opt Debt fund – STP – Eq. fund for that staggered investment.



  2. Sandeep Kumar B says:

    Thanks alot FFC, now i will reduce my funds to Quantum Long term Equity and IDFC Premier Equity. I can invest up to 8,000/- on each fund. I am willing to invest for long term. Is it good to invest on single sip of 8,000/- or 4,000/- on start of month and other 4,000/- on the end of month. Need suggestions from you friends.

    Thanks & Regards,

  3. Too many funds
    just 2 funds like Franklin bluechip and ifdc premier equity should do
    Each SIP transaction is treated as an individual transaction and is subject to the expense ratio associated with the MF.

    No so extra charges but it is an unnecessary complication. A single SIP for the total amt should do the job.

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