Is it a good time to start an equity fund SIP ?

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We want to increase our equity exposure and add an monthly SIP of 10,000 in an equity fund. Is it a good time to buy in equity or should we stick to buying a balanced fund or a bank flexi RD.



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  1. Sumit says:

    For your long term goals, equity is the best place to put your money.
    How much you should invest in equity and how much in debt (fixed income products) depends on your goal amount, time you have, your cash flow and risk taking ability.

    Retail investors should not worry too much about the timing. Create your equity mutual fund portfolio (3-5 mutual funds depending on your SIP amount, risk taking ability, goal amount) and keep investing regularly for a your long term goals. Do not bother short term market volatility, in long run equity is the best product to beat any other asset class, and will make serious money for you.
    To know what can be an comfortable asset mix, read the below article:


  2. Hemanth says:

    If you new to mutual funds, start with a balanced fund, when u r more confident, u can slowly move to equity funds.

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