Is gold still an attractive investment or in bubble zone?

POSTED BY Jagadees ON September 25, 2010 8:43 pm COMMENTS (5)

I would like to hear pros and cons of starting gold investment at this point of all time high price.

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  1. rakesh says:

    Gold can help hedge your portfolio incase of market crash. Though over a long period of time the returns would just mange to beat inflation. One should have about 5% of their investments in Gold ETFs.


  2. Gold is must for every investor. Yes, it has increased speedily in recent time, but still you can buy that. You can also do SIP in Gold ETF through your stock broker. That’s the better way for investment.

    Hope it will help you.

  3. Tarun Jain says:

    Gold is a universal accepted currency,…. u can exchange it for money/goods anywhere be it ur neighbor or foreign country.
    When international currencies are loosing their value… ppl will invest in Gold for safety.

    Moreover, as per Indian tradition.. everyone buys gold on various occasion / in form of jewelry, so there is no shortage of demand in India. We are largest consumer of gold in world.Enormous amount of Gold is locked in Indian households & banks.
    As long as it doesn’t come out in market for sell… gold will not crash.

  4. Hemant B says:

    So, the rise in Gold is happening on the background that the most recognizable international currency is loosing its value. If US economy further goes down and government there keeps printing notes, again gold may rise in dollar terms. Such fear exist, even in 1979-80. We don’t know what lies ahead as we are not astrologers.

    1. Yeah I feel gold is the best thing to invest and it’s not a bubble by any means. People seem to be running after silver as the prices are moving northwards but its unstable.
      If you see the gold price here for last 3 year you will find a steady rise & appreciation for those who have invested in gold. Stats speak for themselves so you don’t require any analysis or any expert to comment on same 🙂 do u ? 🙂

      You can check gold price here

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