Is any re-allocation required in my SIP in mutual fund ?

POSTED BY kahnu charan sahoo ON August 12, 2014 8:14 pm COMMENTS (2)

Dear Manish,

I am investing in
1. Franklin India bluechip growth 1000/- pm.
2. icici pru focused bluchip regular growth 200/-pm,
3. UTI opportunities fund growth 2000/-pm,
4. HDFC Top 200 growth 3000/- pm.

Kindly suggest any reallocation required or not.



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  1. kahnu charan sahoo says:

    HI Hemanth,
    thanks for your valuable comments.
    Can you please tell me whether i can claim these investment in 80 C or any other for tax benefits.


  2. Hemanth Chandra says:

    You portfolio is very much inclined towards large caps…. and also there is a lot of overlap of portfolio b/w the funds that you are investing…..

    You can check overlap b/w different funds from the excel in the below link…..

    If u can take risk, better invest in a mid-cap, small cap funds also….

    You can check PPFAS Long Term Value Fund (Small & Mid cap) , Quantum Long Term Equity fund ( Multi cap)

    Note : I am no way related to PPFAS or Quantum…..

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