IRDA recent announcements

POSTED BY VIGNESH BASKARAN ON December 19, 2011 11:22 pm COMMENTS (3)


did anyone see the recent announcements from IRDA ? why it is doing like this? This will make normal people like us to choose some bad product..

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  1. valueresearch says:

    This is a regressive move by Irda and it is getting into a territory uncalled for. Apart from limiting the choice available to investors, it will kill certain genuine aggregators who started their business recently. Moreover, many would have based their business plans on the earlier commission model, which makes it less viable now.
    The fact that airline/travel sites have made it so easy for consumers to look up, select and book flights; is a lesson that Irda should have learnt from and encouraged aggregators to get into. But then it is Irda; anything is possible with them.

  2. I agree with Ashal

    Some of the things done by IRDA is very harsh , like limiting the lead commission to just Rs 10 from Rs 70-80 which they used to get and banning them from carrying ads , which has destroyed the business model of many of these websites .

    But somethings were really required as these websites had a good reach among people and people used to believe their recommendations . If site A says that go for AR policy , then most of the people used to go with htem , without doing enough analysis


  3. Dear Vignesh, The IRDA’s move is partially right & partially wrong. It has prohibited the aggregator sites to publish any rating. Prem. quoting is allowed.

    Some Aggr. sites were playing the dirty tricks in the name of ratings that’s why it has been banned by IRDA.



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