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POSTED BY Tarun Maheshwari ON March 14, 2011 3:05 pm ONE COMMENT

I’m 27 years old, single and my current salary is Rs. 38000/- p.m.

I have started SIPs worth Rs. 10000/- p.m. in the following MFs since last one year:

– HDFC Top 200 – Growth                         : Rs. 2000/- p.m.
– HDFC Prudence – Growth                        : Rs. 2000/- p.m.
– HDFC Long Term Advantage – Growth             : Rs. 1000/- p.m.
– HDFC Tax Saver – Growth                       : Rs. 1000/- p.m.
– DSP BlackRock Top 100 Equity – Growth         : Rs. 2000/- p.m.
– Sundaram BNP Paribas S.M.I.L.E. – Growth      : Rs. 2000/- p.m.

I plan to invest in the MFs for at least next 10-15 years. and want to have a corpus of Rs. 1 – 1.5 crores, from my Mutual Fund investments

Will the above investment strategy suffice my investment goal?

Need your expert advice and suggestions.

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  1. Tarun

    There is some duplication and more than required diversification on your portfolio , you can reduce it to just 3-4 funds at max.

    Also , Is this your overall portfolio ? Is 100% of your investment is lying in these funds ? If yes, then you might want to check your comfort with that asset allocation .


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