Investment suggestion for a Year period for Non-Indian salary

POSTED BY nitin1001 ON February 5, 2015 6:51 pm NO COMMENTS

Hello Friends,

Currently I am outside India for a year and don’t having any Indian salary; I want to invest a \’X\’ amount monthly for a year to pay my annual bills like yearly policy premium or yearly PPF payment.

Now my question is, considering I don’t have any Indian salary, which option is better to use:

1) RD (Not sure about tax implication for my case)?

2) Short-term debt funds (Please suggest some fund name if this option is suitable)?

3) Any other options?

Also, If I choose FD for a lumpsum investment for a year, is TDS is applicable for me? What are the consequences?


Already having 3 SIP in Frankin, HDFC, SBI for long term goal.

I appreciate your prompt guidance.

Thanks in advance, Nitin

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