Investment Stratergy fr 22 yr old

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  1. I can not comment on amount. That you’ve to decide how much money you can spare for investments looking at your income & expenses. You first understand the basics of mutual funds, and then decide the schemes. For schemes, I suggest to read the following article.

    Hope it will help you.

  2. Rahul9 says:

    thanks,also any good MIPs dat u wud recomnd?hw much money shud i put into them?or if anothr equity MF,den which one(and what amount)?

  3. Rahul9 says:


    i hav been coverd medically by my company even den wud u recomnd me to buy a separate mediclaim??if so,wat cud b an appropriate amount?


    1. There is no need for separate mediclaim policy as you can not get double claim. Normally, I suggest to have a min. of Rs.2 lacs of S.A. If your S.A. is less than it, there is a separate article on health insurance on this website. That will help you.

  4. Just want to add one suggestion. Take health insurance policy (mediclaim). This is not investment but protection of your investments.

    Hope it will help you.

  5. Rahul Raina says:

    @Manish:Thank you
    @sunny:Thanks a lot and advnce b’day wishes:)

  6. Sunny Sodday says:

    I am 22 years old too(though I am turning 23 after 4 days), all I would suggest is to do SIP in two equity diversified funds minimum and then open two demat accounts(why 2?) one for trading(First get some education about it), and another for investing(long term). Add value stocks in ‘Investing’ account and accumulate them at every attractive price. Do trading with the money you can risk, trading will give you education not only about stocks but also about mathematics(the only thing we need to know to be rich or wealthy).

    Make an emergency fund or keep some money in bank account always. Don’t live below or above your means and always be in learning mode.

  7. Rahul Raina says:

    Again,I read ur excellent blog about ppf.Would u recomnd me dat,as a tax saving alternative?
    1 more Qn,I am plannin to take a brk frm job fr higher studies(2 years brk max.)so,wat sort of investmnts shud i make so as to fund d higher studies ?and should i continue SIPs fr any specific MF(long term perspective)during that time?

    Thanks A Tonne

    1. Rahul

      You can open PPF , but if you have EPF , dont put a lot of money in PPF , you should be in MIP’s or any kind of debt funds as you need money in next 1-2 yrs and cant risk that money .

      For very long term investments , better invest in equity funds through SIP


  8. Rahul

    HDFC top 200 is good , but if you are looking at tax saving funds , you can invest in HDFC tax saver or Sundaram tax saver


  9. Rahul Raina says:

    well,i hav normal risk taking appetite fr 22yr old,stay with my parnts so reducd expnses..I was lookin into ur blog of top7 MFs(equity diversified) & ws thinkin of an Sip in hdfc top 200,plz advice

  10. Rahul Raina says:

    i hav startd with SIP’s of 500 rs each in Reliance Reg Savings Equity and DSP BR small n mid cap fund..wat other MFs do i choose?also some advice on tax savings..hav to invest 30k this fincial year to b tax exmpt..

  11. Rahul

    High Equity , less or no debt , EPF at company is enough .


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