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POSTED BY nikhil mishra ON September 7, 2011 2:58 pm COMMENTS (4)

I am aged 31 years and married with a kid. I really have not planned anything so far. All, I have taken is a Jeevan anand policy for sum assured 7,00,000/- for 21 years. I am having a home loan of 25,00,000 for next 20 years.

My annual salary is close to 10L p annum.

I want to know that what are the most urgent steps that I should take. Also, Is investing 2500/- pm in Birla Enhancer fund for next 5 years is a good option.



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  1. Abhishek says:

    HI Nikhil,

    I would recommend that you list down your goals and then make the approach.

    As of now, since you have already taken the LIC JEEVAN ANAND Policy which is as good as a Government Instrument, Invest 4,000 in Large Cap Fund (Franklin India Bluechip Fund) and a 4,000 in a Balanced Fund (HDFC Prudence Fund).

    Regarding the Term Plan, you can go for Online Policy from ICICI Pru Life OR Kotak Life of atleast 50 Lakhs and for 20 years (Min).

    All the best !


  2. nikhil mishra says:

    Thanks for valuable suggestions. I have researched more and the result of which , is mentioned below:-

    1. I can start with PPF with 2500/- pm from my salary and 5000/- pm from my wife’s salary.
    2. I can start 2500/- in any SIP which is 100% equity based for altleast 10 years.
    3. I can start 2500/- in any gold ETF fund for next 1 years.
    4. I was looking into the options for Term Plan and I have selected few but I find AVIVA life insureance very interesting, 35 years 50,00,000 and annualy premimum 5000/-. What you think should I go with Aviva or I should go with SBI or LIC.

    Please have a look at my apporach. I want to manage my fund in a manner that I am not fully exposed to market risks and at the same time I should not invest everything in Govt instuments such as PPF.

  3. Abhishek says:

    Just Adding to Ajay… Dont go for the Enhancer Fund.. Start a SIP in 100% Equity Fund.. of the max savings you can do per month. anything above 10,000 per month you can expect more than 1 cr after 20 yrs.. All the best !


  4. Ajay says:

    first things that come to my mind are
    1. build an emergency fund
    2. buy term policy
    3. take health insurance

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