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POSTED BY Biswa Singh ON June 26, 2012 11:35 am COMMENTS (5)

I have the following queries (expecting a reply from at least Ashal and Manish):

1. I have a LIC endowment policy of 5L sum assured for 21 year tenure. I have paid premium for 8 years of 2.65L and the bonus accrued is 2.4L. The expected return at maturity is 15L. Now shall i surrender the policy, paid up or continue with the policy?

2. I have started a SIP 3,000 in HDFC TOP 200 MF (large cap). I can invest for long term 10-20 years in it. Please suggest your opinion about this MF and my plan to invest in it.

3. In coming one year i will also start SIP of rs 3,000 each in Mid Cap/Small Cap MF and Balanced/Debt MF. Please suggest 3 popular MF in each category and which one is your favorite.

Any other suggestion welcome. Thanks in anticipation.

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  1. Dear BRSingh, Please check what’s the surrender value & what ‘ll be the paid value & decide where you are comfortable. For my personal money for the remaining 12-13Y period, I w’d like to surrender & invest the surrender amount as well as future prem. amount in pure Eq. to overcome the losses arising out of surrender & for the loss of time gone by.

    I’m personally investing my own money in HDFC Top 200. should I say more?

    Instead of giving you any options, my take ‘ll be Quantum Long Term Eq. fund & HDFC MIP Long Term Plan.

    HDFC Top 200 – a large cap fund
    QLTEF – a Multi cap fund
    HDFC MIP LTP – a hybrid fund with 80% exposure to Debt So it fits in between pure Debt & Balanced fund.

    Please share your views.



    1. BRSINGH says:

      Ashal thanks a lot for your answer. Yes its good to surrender the policy and invest it in SIP. I would like to ask one more query on the product HDFC MI LTP. How it is different from HDFC Prudence and HDFC balanced fund.

      1. Dear BRSingh, HDFC MIP LTP is different for the higher debt exposure. In case of Prudence & Balanced, the Eq. component can not go below 65% for that taxation benefit where as in case of MIP LTP, the Eq. component can not go beyond 25% but most of the time, it’s kept around 20% level. So basically it’s more of a Debt fund with a tint of Eq. in it. For Eq. related returns you are already investing in HDFC Top 200 & QLTEF, so risking more money in Prudence or Balanced does not make sense. This is my personal view only & you are free to go as per your own choice.



        1. BRSINGH says:

          You are right Ashal. If I am investing in HDFC TOP 200 and QLTEF then i should NOT opt for any balanced fund rather go with a debt fund. Thanks a lot for your comments. By the way I have sent a friend request to you in face book.

          1. Dear BRSingh, the Friend request has been accepted.



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