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I am 23, female and have been working for the last 18 months. I have less than zero idea about investments and would like some advice on the same. So far I have only 2 short term RDs adding upto Rs 6500/month(saving for higher education) ; my company PF+gratuity and a PPF which my father opened for me 2 years back and to which i contribute about 25k/year. I have a health cover with HDFC for which i contribute 500 rs per month. The rest of my savings is in a savings account gathering dust.

I would like to invest some 4k/month more in SIPs(is Gold SIP a good idea?) But if I go for higher studies next year ….I wont have any income for the next 2 years,,,,,,,is it wise to put my money into something now or shall I wait till i complete my higher studies? In either case….which are the ideal SIPs to invest  in for a person of my age and income(30k in hand per month)

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  1. Dear Upasana, for 1-1.5Y time frame by which you ‘ll go for your MBA, please do not invest in Eq. MFs at all. Either invest in bank FDs for simplicity or in Debt funds to save on tax outgo. The returns ‘ll be somewhat similar in both cases.



  2. Upasana Datta says:

    @ mr Jauhari: Well….howmuchever I save I will still have to take education loan coz MBA doesnt some cheap….

  3. Dear Upasana, first decide, are you going to use your own money for education or do you have some support? Based upon this, please decide to go for investing or not.



  4. Upasana Datta says:

    Thanks for the answer 🙂 I have a better idea of how to move forward now…thanks again!

  5. If you are sure of going for higher studies and you are sure of using the money in your SB account then stay away from MFs.

    Investing has to be done with a goal. So first get your goals in place. You can invest when you have the money.

    Learning about MFs can start now. you can learn how to select a MF with this

    If you have other sources for your education and you can invest the money then do in mutual funds after getting your goals in order and reading the above.

    If your health cover from HDFC is one offered by your company then get yourself an individual mediclaim

    Also get yourself term insurance for about 15 times your annual salary

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