investment of 28 lac for long term..retirement and expenses.

POSTED BY Mehul Sharma ON May 23, 2013 5:13 pm COMMENTS (6)

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  1. Mehul Sharma says:

    Which one should I go with UTI Opportunities Fund (G) or UTI equity Fund (G)

  2. Dear Mehul, please check the consistency in return & the over all approach of the 2 funds houses. You ‘ll find your answer.



  3. Mehul Sharma says:

    just out of curiosity how these two funds stand out as compare to their near competitive one??

  4. Dear Mehul, invest the amount into Eq. funds. Track the performance once in a year & if need arise, make corrective action else, let it remain as it is.

    The 2 funds for you ‘ll be –

    1. Franklin India Bluechip
    2. Quantum Long Term Eq.



  5. Mehul Sharma says:

    I think it didn’t come up anyways, here wanna ask about a portfolio to invest 25 lac for retirement and any unforeseen expenses may need to pay out or in other words how can one make best possible way of investment of this much money to make it as much as possible in next 30 yrs without looking much into it.

  6. Dear Mehul sharma, what’s the query?



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