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POSTED BY Dr.Anitha Suryadevara ON November 26, 2012 6:50 pm COMMENTS (2)


       I have taken ULIP PLAN MET EASY in 2010 feb, with premium of 50000 annually for a term of 20 years. My intension in taking the policy was INVESTMENT and TAX SAVING (not insurance).Is this the right choice?

Now the options :

1. Continue with the policy ( can we expect atleast 15% returns)

2. stop paying premiums now and surrender the policy 2 years later so that i need not pay

    surrender charges.

3. If the stop this policy what would be the better option. Will ELSS be better option

Now I have to make a decision before paying my next premium.

Your suggestions are valuable to me




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  1. Dhinesh Kumar says:


    If you have the financial capacity to pay for long term , do continue paying for ULIP .ULIP will definitely fetch you 12% and above .But do watch it’s performance regularly .

  2. TheZionView says:

    I would advise to stop paying anymore premium and take this as onetime loss.

    For tax saving ELSS is better option with respect to product from stock market

    And don’t expect 15% as return. Equity funds over long term could give about 12% and anything you get as extra is bonus.dont expect high returns and be disappointed later and by the way none if is guaranteed

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