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Dear Manish,

I made the investment in following equities from long term perspective,

Name of Share Price per share

GTL Infra 44.28

Cals Refianery 155.17

RNRL / RPL 182.15

Shree Digvijay Cement 15.93

RIL 1,004.33

Suzlon 71.35

JP Associates 122.60

Century Textile 459.65

Bombay Dyeing 521.56

Finolex Cables 57.65

HDIL 265.62

Orbit Corp 143.26

JP Infra 86.88

Clutch Auto 73.34

Gold Bees 2,122.44

Gold Bees 2,529.66

Gold Bees 2,794.67

Dhanlakshmi bank 130.98

Kindly give your comment.

Maheshkumar Ghuge

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  1. Ankur Lakhia says:


    Unless you are prepared for regularly spending time for studies & learning, you should not be investing directly in equities. For selling your stocks, I suggest doing it gradually, over a period of time, taking advantage of market rally currently under way. I suggest growth option of few diversified equity schemes for any long term equity investment for you. My personal choices are HDFC Top 200 & DSPBR Top 100.

  2. Dear Mahesh, if the one year holding period is not completed, then only you may show your STCL in your ITR & may carry forward the same upto 8Y to set off against your future STCG or LTCG.

    Regarding MF for long term, here are some –

    HDFC Top 200
    Franklin India Bluechip
    Quantum Long Term Eq.

    Invest in growth option of all the above funds.

    Disclosure – I do have personal investments in the fund discussed above.



  3. Ankur Lakhia says:


    Direct investing in equities require lot of home work. I would like you to provide your logic for investing in each of the stock above in few lines. If you can not summarise the rationale of investing in a small paragraph or you have not made any effort to study these businesses, I suggest you sell off each of them and invest in good mutual fund schemes.

    1. Maheshkumar S Ghuge says:

      Dear Ankur,

      Thanks for your reply.

      Suppose i sell all these stock at loss,then Can i show the loss, while filling the income tax return for F.Y 2011-2012.

      Also could u suggest me some good stock / MF from long term horizon.

      Mahesh Ghuge

  4. Dear Maheshkumar, first of all please ask yourself, at first point what prompted you to purchase these shares & now what has been changed that you are thinking of consolidation of your portfolio.

    You are the best judge of your situation.

    In case, you just purchase on advice from here & there, my dear friend, be ready to lose your mental peace & of course money.

    I’m not commenting on any of your holdings because I’m a MF investor primarily.



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