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Dear Manish,

I am investing in following MF throught SIP from long investment point of view,

from April-2011-Mar 2012

HDFC Growth Fund Growth – Equity Diversify 13,000

Sundaram Select focus Growth – Equity Diversify 13,000

Kotak Opportunity fund Growth – Equity Diversify 11,000

Jan 2011-April 2011

HDFC Growth Fund Dividend reinvest – Equity Diversify 4,180

Sundaram Select focus Dividend reinvest – Equity Diversify 4,000

Kotak Opportunity fund Dividend reinvest – Equity Diversify 4,137

Kindly advise.

Maheshkumar Ghuge

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  1. Dear Maheshkumar, Please

    complete your SIP in HDFC Growth.
    Stop your SIP in Kotak Opp. & replace it with a new SIP in Quantum Long Term Eq.
    Stop your SIP in Sundaram Select Focus & replace it with new SIP in HDFC Growth.



  2. Narayan says:

    Two of the three funds are from the same multi cap category. Why not add a mid- and small-cap fund such as IDFC Premier equity instead of Kotak Opportunities, which anyway is not as good as the others in its category. This should also offer you diversity in your portfolio.

    Moreover, I am not sure if you have invested in the growth option or dividend re-investment option in these funds. For the long-term; growth option is good. Continue in the growth option.


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