Investment in e-Gold/Silver/Platinum

POSTED BY S Kotrappa ON September 26, 2012 8:23 am COMMENTS (4)

I am thinking of investing in E-Gold through  NSEL, please help me what is all i need , Bank online account , PAN etc.., and is it safe or any other than NSEL.
Thanking You,
S Kotrappa

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  1. Dear S Kotrappa, first of all answer, why are you thinking to invest in E-Gold? Is it for your future need or you are fascinated for some quick money in Gold trading?



    1. S Kotrappa says:

      Hello Ashal,

      Just for more money and also for future retirements funds !


      S Kotrappa

      1. Dear S Kotrappa, are you going to trade frequently or w’d like to hold till your retirement?



  2. Bhavi says:


    E-series is an unique investment products launched by National Spot Exchange for enabling the small and retail investors to park their funds in commodities in smaller denominations.Invest in E-Series gives the comfort of easy liquidity, reach, safety, and low cost.Provides transparent pricing and seamless entry and exit to investors during the trading hours i.e. 10 am to 11.30 pm.There is no purity issue and storage risk, if invested through E-series.E-series products have standardized selling and buying prices across the country.No storage charge for investors for accumulating gold, silver and copper in the demat account .

    To invest in E-gold, all you need is to open a KYC compliant commodity demat account & trading account with NSEL empanelled DP. The document required are

    1. POI (proof of identity)
    2. POA (proof of address)
    3. PAN card.
    4. Bank details

    Investing in E-series is very safe & sound.

    For any further guidance contact Sykes & Ray Equities (I) Ltd ,(NSEL empanelled) at 022-22797300.

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