Investment in e-gold

POSTED BY Taher Kagalwala ON March 20, 2013 9:03 pm COMMENTS (4)

When a person buys e-gold in demat form, what happens to the money given to the Exchange till the time he sales it or takes physical delivery.

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  1. Dear Taher, once you get your e-gold, why are you worried for the money paid by you to purchase your e-gold?



  2. Dear Tager, Please do tell me, if you are purchasing shares of ONGC in your demat account, after receiving the shares in your account, what happens to your money?



    1. Taher Kagalwala says:

      Dear Jauhari,
      In the case of securities the money goes to the seller of the security, as there are two parties in a transaction. But in buying e-gold, the seller is the Exchange, so I am little worried about the money remaining with the Exchange. What does the Exchange do with that money ? Please do let me know.



  3. The money is stored in the National Spot exchange until you take physical delivery.

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