Investment for son’s education and marriage.

POSTED BY Ramesh ON July 4, 2013 5:27 pm COMMENTS (4)

Dear Concern,

I would like to invest for my 3 years old son for his education and marriage expenses, so i dont know where should i invest like “Mutual Fund, Insurance etc” one of my friend suggested me to invest in mutual fund for long term which will give good returns, please suggest me where should i invest for the son’s future.

If you suggest mutual fund is right choice then also please provide some tools where i can check the goal amount including inflation and SIP amount monthly.



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  1. Lakshmipathy G says:


    You may repent later If you follow others advice without knowledge. I would suggest to invest time on your knowledge before decision. As a starting point can you read this book?

    “How to be Your Own Financial Planner in 10 Steps: Master Your Financial Life 2”

  2. Ramesh says:

    I request somebody please reply!!!!

  3. I think you are over concerned with this at the moment . I am not saying that planning is bad . But dont try to perfect it with numbers . At the moment, whatever best you can invest , invest it in 3-4 good funds . You can always do the math later.


    1. Ramesh says:

      I do not understand as replied.
      first i asked where to invest like mutual fund or insurance of FD or RD etc.
      second thing is if advisers like u suggest me invest in mutual fund for long time, then also please provide the goal amount like 20 Lakh or 30 Lakh with monthly SIP amount.

      Actually my son is 3 year old and at present i don’t know what amount will be required for the marriage and education.

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