investment guidance needed to save money for PG after 18 months

POSTED BY maddy ON November 11, 2012 11:46 pm COMMENTS (3)

Hi Investment Geeks Please Help…  i want to save some money for my PG which i want to start after 18 months… want to invest 19k per month but cannot take huge risk because i don’t want to take huge education loan for MBA instead of the fact that i put money on risk which might be loss due to some market crashes. So I thought GOLD ETF but found they will charge 1% per anum+brokerage charge of buying and selling. i have HDFC demat account and new to investment

Please Help.

P.S. i read your book its eye opener

Manish Dabra

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  1. maddy says:

    Hi Ashal And Manish… i started Recurring deposit in my salary account of 8k , investing gold 2 units ETF per month and increased EPF 25% instead 12%. For longer duration i started 4k per month sip in selected SCRIPBOX.COM mutual funds for long term investment 😀

  2. Dear Maddy, what’s your update on the matter?



  3. Manish

    Dont complicate it ,just open a RD for this , anyways in 18 months you wont create extraordinary returns . Just keep it simple .

    Thanks for the appreciation on book , was expecting your flipkart review 🙂


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