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dear ashal so please guide me what should i do further iam goverment employee,

two policy: lic jeevan anand ,kotak invest maxima,should iquit all policy and go for term plan.please guide me.

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  1. malkeet kairon says:


  2. Dear malkeet, that was a typo error, Please read it as ‘&’ – materiel facts & company……

    I’m sorry for the typo error.



  3. malkeet kairon says:

    ashal ji what means of 7 company and would u please tell the name of those company.


  4. Dear Malkeet, the contestability period is the first 2Y after the start of the policy or after the reinstatement of the policy. Once you are passed through this period, even if you supressed any info regarding your health or smoking etc. it ‘ll be of no use for the insurance co. as concealment of metriel facts 7 company can not deny the claim filed on your policy.This is as per IRDA guidelines.



  5. malkeet kairon says:

    please tel me about contestability period

  6. malkeet kairon says:

    yhanks ashal ji

  7. Dear Malkeet, how many prem. you have paid for this Kotak policy? No matter you are continuing these 2 policies or not, a term plan is must for financial security of your family. Please go & purchase one. Declare all your health related history, family health history, job profile, addictions, smoking…. honestly. In all probability, your prem. ‘ll be loaded up. Accept the loading as it’s good for you. Try to quit smoking for the better life for yourself & for your family.



  8. malkeet kairon says:

    deasr ashal kotak invest premium only for 5 years,75000/yly,shoul i quit it.and continue.

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