Investment advice for achieving financial goals

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Need you all experts’ advice on achieving my financial goals as below:

Son’s education: 1100000    Timeframe: 6 years

Daughter’s education: 1200000 Timeframe: 8 years

Son’s marriage: 3300000 Timeframe: 14 years

Daughter’s marriage: 5000000 Timeframe: 16 years

Retirement Corpus: 10000000 Timeframe: 23 years


I have 45K per month to invest with no outstanding loans. Pls advise in such a way that self and wife can also have 100000 80C deduction also. 


Thanks in advance.


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  1. Dear Ravi, yes the amounts ‘ll be free after these goals but I gave only plain nos. with out impact of Tax. Yes 8.75% may be used for calculation but it’s not going to change your equation much for these short term goals. Please do note the impact of Tax on RD means your actual corpus ‘ll be short from your actual needs.

    Please think over it.



  2. Ravi says:

    Thanks Ashal for the breakups on Educational and Marriage goals.

    Few questions here:

    1. Can’t we take the returns as 8.75% as some Banks give good returns on RDs?
    2. At the end of 6 years and 8 years we would have 12000 + 9000 = 21000 surplus which can be used for next 15 years until retirement. Won’t that help in amassing the required corpus?
    3. Another 17000 would be available after marrying off the kids?

    Thanks for your responses.

  3. Ravi says:

    My apologies, I should have mentioned the city I belong to. I am from Faridabad, a city on the outskirts of Delhi. Pls let me know if you have some good references here.

    Also how can Manish/Nandish be approached for consultation?

  4. Dear Ravi, for the short term goals of education, around 12000 Rs. are needed for Son @ 8% yly rate of growth. for D’ter the mly amount is 9000 Rs.

    So out of 45K mly available investible surplus, 21000 Rs. are already used.
    Now look for Marruage Goals. Here due the time frame, we may go for Eq. Investing & we can assume 12% growth rate as of now.
    Son’s marriage mly amount needed = 8000
    D’ter’s marriage mly amount needed = 9000
    So marriage related total mly amount commited = 17000Rs.

    So out of 45K Rs. you are left with only 7000 Rs. (45000-38000). Now do tel me can you create a large enoug corpus with this 7K amount in remaining 23Y?



  5. Dear Ravi, What about tax impact on income? No, MIS is not available for such huge investments. At best you can invest 9L Rs. max in PO MIS. Think over it. What about inflation at age 62-65-68-70-75-80……?

    Regarding paid one, Dear Manish & Dear Nandish are already offering paid services. I do not know your city, hence can’t comment for other planners available near you. Kindly check for your reference in your friend circle.



  6. Ravi says:

    Thanks Ashal for the response. I took one crore as the retirement corpus as one crore in an MIS scheme at 9% p.a. would give around 75K p.m. which would be future cost of Rs.20K p.m now.

    As for children marriage, I took the future cost of Rs 15 Lakh for son’s marriage and Rs. 20 lakh for daughter’s marriage.

    Do you feel these goals are not achievable with investment of Rs. 45K p.m.?

    I am ready to consult a paid planner also if I can get some good references.

    Thanks !

  7. Dear Ravi, why are you thinking that 10000000 Rs. is enough for your retirement? Do you really feel such lavish weddings are required at all? With 45K mly investment, you are saving around 5.4L Rs. yly But the kind of goals you are having, you need to sit with a paid planner to guide you properly.

    For education related goals, you can not take much risk, hence Eq. is mostly out of question for the 2 kids’ education goal. if it’s no Eq., it ‘ll eat a good part of your 45K Rs. mly investible surplus & the impact ‘ll be the most on your retirement. think over it.



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