Investing ING Market shield – Suggestions required

POSTED BY Kiran ON December 6, 2012 2:44 pm COMMENTS (13)

I have been told that ING Market shield is a good option to invest in Equity Market. if any one of you have invested in this product please let me know your feedback .

If there are any suggestions please let me know.




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  1. Biswa Singh says:

    I agree with you and believe me in whichever query you reply i read it thoroughly and i always like them. You are correct that here we are to educate each other and i have learnt a lot from this forum. My point is that we should encourage people to ask questions, may be its a very basic or foolish question. My point is that the answers should be to guide a person, question their understanding, make them think of their decision and certainly not baffle them.

    I may agree or disagree with you but you are almost always good at explaining you points.

  2. TheZionView says:

    Again you took the intention of my answer wrongly

    The forum is here for us to learn the financial jargons. If we just kept giving tips like TV we will never educate them the site is JagoInvestor which means “know it”.

    We should try and educate people who come here of the financial literacy. If we are not educating we are failing the reason of the forum.

    I agree many people will come with many question.I am not saying they should ask intelligent question rather we should educate back to ask them intelligent question.So one way of doing it is asking them back did you read the offer document.If not please read you will then understand most benefits and shortcomings of that investment.

    There are no experts here just regular readers and learners we have to try to educate each other

  3. Kiran says:

    Mr.Biswa Singh –

    It certainly does seem like that this forum is recommended only for Intelligent people and off course they also have to be proficient with internet ( they should be well versed on how to use google to get right results for their queries ).
    I am not sure what would happen to a non-intelligent person with just limited knowledge on Internet.

    I think we could have saved all these conversation if there was a question or a note on sign up page which says “Are you capable of asking smart question” if not “Are you ready to be harassed”.
    I am sure after one comes across the above question before signing up they would definitely think twice before proceeding further.

  4. Biswa Singh says:


    I completely disagree with you.

    For the sake of giving argument i can also say Everyone has their own way and i have my so no one should take it wrongly. Please check CNBC AWAZ, ZEE BUSINESS, etc. When people ask questions on investing shares they ask just like Kiran asked and they dont explain what research they have done.

    “Good answers come from intelligent questions”. First of all if some one is so intelligent then why he to visit Jagoinvestor. He should visit sites like ExpertInvestor. Do you want to mean that this site is only for intelligent people?

    We all are matured people and we know when somebody is trying to understand my problem and when someone is simply interrogating me because he thinks me a fool. Experts should understand that people visit Jagoinvestor because they have made terrible mistakes and its time to give a healing touch. I think you should see Kiran’s answer and try to understand why he is with me and not with Ramesh.

    People seek help and they dont beg. We are going to see thousands of stupid questions going forward in this forum and we should be happy that people are trying understand.

  5. TheZionView says:


    Dont take it with wrong intention if someone reacts differently every one has their own ways of answering.

    Like many other fields there is no quick fix in finance you have to learn through things before taking informed decisions.Everyone should understand “Only you yourself is concerned about your money.No one else”

    The point to note here is many people think that they can ask a question in plain words and get good answers.Good answers come from good question or intelligent question.

    For example:
    Q:Can i invest in Reliance share
    I can answer
    “Yes its has been good stock and you can buy”

    This is neither a good answer nor a good question
    So what i will do is answer like this
    ” Reliance is into many business. Do you understand them and do you know how to evaluate the business.If not start learning on it.”
    reason for the answering like this is i can YES buy it and go.
    He might buy it based in that ,tommo i might sell reliance share because of some business reason,which i will not come back here and update.

    Hence its better to educate the people coming here to start learning.

    Ramesh has direct on the face way of saying it ,other have other ways to mend.To each their own method.It upto us to pick it in which way we want.

  6. Biswa Singh says:

    I am happy to see a frustrated reaction. Just count your days till the end of your life and will not give a chance to harass me 🙂

  7. Kiran says:

    Hello Mr.Ramesh – I am not sure what your qualification is, but from your responses it sounds like you have very good understanding the indian financial market. The reason I say this is because even i get the same feeling ( which you have got) when some one asks me a very basic question in my field.
    If you are not in the medical profession, I am sure you would ask your doctor every possible question you can think if when you take your near and dear one to see a doctor ( if not then you should start) and I am doing the same thing.
    You suggested me to do some research, Where would you start to do a research on a medicine prescribed to you or your family member (Google it…)? Even with Google results you are not sure what comes is right or wrong thats when you look to seek advice from experts or look at forums, blogs
    and thats what i am doing. I agree with Mr.Biswa Singh.
    Good quality question comes from experience and knowledge and not from Novice.

    1. Ramesh says:


      Check this often cited link.

      For your specific query, the best way will be to go this way:
      1. search on Google about the specific product, which will lead you to the site of the company.
      2. go through the specific product’s brochure.
      3. Find out what things are there in it and how do they work out.
      4. Compare with similar products of other companies.
      5. Then put what you have understood, or not understood here with relevant links or things which any person who wants to answer will not have to do himself/herself.
      6. And how is your overall situation in relation to this question.

      This is a general thing.

      And it is in the interest of the person who is asking the question.

  8. Biswa Singh says:

    If someboday asks for any suggestion then its better to give it if you know instead of interogating him/her. It should be kept in mind that all people are not at same level and the difference will be ther forever and that is why people seek suggestions and help.

    I have observed in this forum that if somebody ask a query about investing in direct stock then he is kind of treated as fool or asked all the harassing questions. But if any body ask about Mutual Funds and though it would be a stupid question everyone jump in to it and suggestions start flooding.

    I think it sould be realised by all that people seek suggestion because they fool or they dont know or they want to double check. I dont think they have to write a whole research paper in this forum.

    1. Ramesh says:

      Is your point is that people should just put up a question, and without any background of the query, it should be answered?
      Sorry, it does not work that way for some people, including me.

      A good quality question, in general, will get better answers.

      A very simple question like this one has an answer like this also – “No, it is not a good product.”. And this is not really a well-justifiable answer because the other parameters which I have asked are not there.

      Also, if you feel harassed, then do not ask such questions or be prepared to go through that ‘harassment’.

  9. Kiran says:

    Mr.Ramesh – I have done my part of research and I would like to get some suggestions from experts who are registered in this forum.

    1. Ramesh says:

      Then put your research here. So that it is easier to help you.

  10. Ramesh says:

    Do your own research and find out what exactly that product is, and can you explain it to us.

    If you cannot explain a product of what it does for you, it is a useless product.

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