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I am investing in say Hdfc top 200 mf offline through mthly sip and wanted to invest additional in same mf hdfc top 200 through online (fundindia) , will i be able to invest in same folio or seprate folio will be opened for the additional purchase.
i know that i can convert my offline sip into online in fundsindia by some procedure but just wanted to know that can one invest in same mf online and offline in two different folio?

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  1. Dear Bhavana, here are replies to your queries.

    1. One can have multiple online & offline folios in a single fund.
    2. You may redeem/invest more quoting an online folio no. while investing offline as all MF statements comes to you for online transactions also. The 1 month time is taken when you are converting your offline holding to online.
    3. My take to opt for Debt fund – weekly STP – Eq. fund.



  2. Dear Bhavana, as is not aware of your existing folio, it ‘ll open a new one for you. Yes in case you first convert your offline folio to online one & then you may invest in the same folio both way offline as well as online.



    1. BHAVANA says:

      Dear Ashal thanx for the reply,
      just wanted to know
      1)can one have two folios in a same fund,one online and other offline.
      2) to convert from online to offline i will have to first stop my existing sip and then it will convert into offline and the whole procedure will take about a i right?
      3) little eager to invest some part of lumsump now as nav is less.your opinion?
      kindly reply!

  3. Bhavana – You can add an additional SIP in the same folio. It will be easier for you to track.

    One can technically hold as many folios as needed but for ease of tracking it is better to invest in the same folio. Offline folios can be consolidated into the same online folio you have.

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