Investing in Mutual Funds or Fixed Deposits to achieve long term goals ?

POSTED BY Saif ON March 7, 2014 3:10 pm ONE COMMENT

Dear Jago investors,

I have invested in HDFC Tax Savings mutual funds in the year JAN 2008 & still holding the same.

Kindly suggest your views –

Is good to invest in mutual funds to achieve long term goals? If you see in this case, if I would have invested same amount in Bank FD with 9% decent interest rate, my returns would have been 1.37Lakhs(After tax 10% – Amount will be 1.23Lakhs)  instead of 1.09Lakhs returns from MF’s.

Mutual Fund

Invested amount


Current value

Returns %

Bank FD Returns (9%)

Returns %

HDFC Tax Saving



Jan 2008





Same scenario with all my MF’s, returns are around 5 to 6%. Need your suggestions whether to continue investing in MF’s or to follow our old investment options like Bank FD’s/PPF etc.


SP Pathan

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  1. ashalanshu says:

    Dear SP Pathan, the answer lies in the fact that you invested in Jan 2008 only and did not continue it on mly basis since then. Had you continued your investment on mly basis, your net return might have been mouth watering.



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