Investing in MF through sharekhan

POSTED BY rajat ON March 18, 2011 12:57 pm COMMENTS (9)

I want to know if there is any disadvantage of investing in MF’s through sharekhan Vs direct investments. I mean will I accrue any extra fees to sharekhan if i invest through them against if i invest online. I can see the following commission disclosure on sharekhan site.

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  1. ranjit says:

    Well it is not clear from the above tweets that whether the commission will be paid by AMC and if it will, then will it be adjusted against my NAV ?

    1. Its not exactly like that, The expense ratio is adjusted from NAV, and the commissions is paid out of expense ratio!

  2. ranjit says:

    if sharekhan is taking commission from AMC companies then wil it be adjusted in my NAV returns

  3. Ahreo says:

    Where will the AMC get the money to pay the commission to Sharekhan. Obviously from your investment amount. So you are paying Sharekhan indirectly.

  4. ashish9750 says:

    dear rajat,
    if u r investing online mutual funds via sharekhan ltd, do’t worry it is free of cost no charge , but other broker charging 100-200 rs. and in your link sharekhan taking commission from amc companies not from u…….ashish gupta

    1. Sonu Verma says:

      Indirectly i have to pay….

  5. Atul says:

    Hi Rajat,

    Try which is free and good platform for MF investment.



  6. manickkam says:

    Hi Rajat,

    As put in the pdf, they will get it from the AMCs and you dont have to pay any commission in the case of Sharekhan.


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