Investing in Gold Mutual Fund

POSTED BY P Kumar ON June 15, 2011 11:11 am COMMENTS (3)


I am interested in Investing in Gold mutual Fund.

Will Gold mutual fetch good returns compared to equity funds ?

If yes, which fund i need to go ?.

Please advice

thanks and regards




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  1. P Kumar

    I am not sure if you are really clear on Gold mutual funds , there are two kind of funds here

    Fund type 1 : The first kind of mutual funds invests in companies of gold mining activities and major investments are done in their shares, now here this is again a sectoral fund, and not exactly tracking GOLD prices .

    Fund type 2 : There are some FUnds (fund of funds) which invest in Gold ETF’s so that people not have demat accounts can directly invest in these funds and also participate . These funds will some way track gold prices .

    Which one of those are you talking about ?


    1. P Kumar says:


      thanks for your reply,

      I like to invest in Reliance Gold Savings Fund – SIP.

      My main question is Gold Fund is better than equity funds ?.

      as Gold has performed much better than equities in last decade( prices have gone up !).

      p Kumar

      1. P Kumar

        Sorry to say , but no one can give an answer to that ? You are actually asking if Gold will continue to perform better than equity or not , we can only speculate on that , and not predict !


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