Investing for very short term goal

POSTED BY Paul ON February 6, 2013 10:35 am COMMENTS (4)


I want to save around 1 lakh rs after 1 year. Should I go for some short term/ ultra short term debt funds? Or is there any better way?


Could you please suggest some good funds where I can invest?


Thanks in advance,


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  1. Dear paul, what’s your Goal, tax slab, mly amount to be invested, mly income, mly expenes?



  2. I would go with plain Recurring deposit !

  3. Ramesh says:

    Go with short-term debt funds only.

    My reco will be Templeton Low Duration Fund.

  4. You could invest in income funds or fixed maturity plans

    The maturity of the debt investment must match your timeframe.

    I would only expect a pre-tax return of about 8%

    another option which is a bit more risky but tax free after an year is

    arbitage mutual funds. But I will not put all my eggs in this basket.

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