investing for Mutual funds in or direct fund house

POSTED BY bhavik vora ON January 20, 2013 10:22 pm COMMENTS (12)

Do you recommend over directly approaching the fund houses? And do we get lesser expense ratio by directly approaching the fund house?

I know the benefits of using – consolidated view, flexi-SIP, joint accounts. But I really want to know where does it fall short?

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  1. finnaive says:

    dear all
    even I am reviewing for all-in-one account for MFs/Equities/ETFs etc etc
    has anyone been using their services?? any feedback/comments



    i have a hdfc top 200
    i required the my account statemnt PURCHASE FOLIO NO 8258118/28

    1. Dear Brijesh, please write an e-mail to either HDFC fund house or CAMS the RTA of HDFC funds, to get your account statement.




      can u give me the email-id

      1. Hemkumar tr says:

        Please it has very easy menu which will guide you through the account statement process

      2. If you have a registered email id then pull the statement anytime using multiple options in

  3. Its much easy to keep track & maintain the portfolio online with leading fund houses like HDFC,Reliance,HDFC or ICICI Prudential mutual funds.
    One may need to visit occasionally which can be easy on days like saturday.
    E.g ICICI Prudentials online platform ICICI Pru Tracker is one of the best application where one can buy,redeem switch investment online any time.
    You may visit :

    1. Read list as :”HDFC,Reliance,Quantum,ICICI prudential + others”

  4. Raj says:

    Use FundsIndia and get a feel of it, they give portfolio suggestions etc. Also you can start investing in small amounts in prospective funds and avoid a visit to fund houses. Then you can start investing directly by getting PIN / creating username online using the same folios created using FundsIndia.

    Few caveats in direct investing:-

    Stopping SIP is painful with most of the fund houses – HDFC and ICICI provides this feature in online platform – I guess Quantum and DSP also have similar feature, never used though. Many others like Franklin Templeton, UTI, Reliance, IDFC, L&T, Can Robeco doesn’t have SIP stopping feature. In FundsIndia you can cancel SIP at any time and start anytime without 15-30 days lead time required by many AMCs.

    One issue with direct investing that I have noticed is that most of the time when you submit forms they failed to capture information correctly e.g missing Nominations etc. When using FundsIndia you can avoid all these issues and get started without much hassle in a matter of days.

    Of course direct investing has one big advantage, that of Nil expense ratios – you need to take some pain to get that gain. Going forward I guess AMCs may improve their Online operations so direct investing is a boon for Investors.

    1. Raj,

      1. Direct investing has no trail commissions and hence lower (not nil) expense ratio

      2. You can stop SIP with HDFC online as well 🙁

      Fully agree with
      Going forward I guess AMCs may improve their Online operations so direct investing is a boon for Investors.

  5. Dear Bhavik, it’s a personal choice between fundsindia & direct investing. Yes over the long period of time, direct plans ‘ll create a bigger corpus.

    FYI- I’m still using fundsindia for my own money. The reason is I’m out of India & not in position to the initial leg work for direct investing.



  6. You get lesser expense ratio by going the direct route. Whether you go direct or not it your responsibility to choose good mfs with a clear objective monitor their growth, rebalance the portfolio and get out of equity well before the end of your goal

    Funds India does not fall short. Only investors will fall short if they don’t do the above

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