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i am new to the Mutual Funds industry can you suggest me about the best on-line portal through which I can invest & which should be safest.
I am also not KYC verified

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  1. Radhika says:

    Hi Rekha

    You can go with fundsupermart as their services are really good they will also help you with your KYC &also guide you with your investments .


  2. Renu Chauhan says:

    Hi Rekha,

    With regrads to guidance fundsupermart provides exellent research and also an assistance in the form of client invetsmnet specialist who keeps me updated about latest market trends and view on my portfolio. I think you can use their online chat to know more and alos visit their research section and view the articles. you will get the answer yourself 🙂


  3. Renu Chauhan says:

    Hi Rekha,

    I have been using Fundsupermart for over an year now and while opening an account had my share of queries regarding safety. The answer that i got from them is “All transactions on are processed with strict security using the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol, which is the security standard used by the world’s top financial institutions. hope this helps you 🙂


  4. Rekha_E says:

    I m looking for an assistance basically who can guide me on my investments as i m new in the market which also take care of the safety

  5. Dear Rekha, 3 online portals apart from share brokers are offering online investments into MFs. Fundsindia, Moneysights, Fundsupermart.

    Each has it’s own positives. Please look for your own requirement in all the 3.

    From safety point of view all 3 are same.

    KYC compliance can be done by you choice of online portal as & when you decide to start.



  6. Try or – there are several discussions in the forum about them. Safety wise all of them are at par – because the folios are maintained by the AMC’s registrar not the online portals. So you money is safe from that perspective.

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