Intraday Trading Tips – Are they reliable?

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I am a regular trader in the Futures & Option segment. I usually do my own research prior to taking any intraday or positional calls. However recently I came across several websites and brokers who offer daily trading tips via SMS during market hours. They have several packages and services for a monthly/quarterly/annual fee. The fee ranges anywhere from 2500 – 10000 per month. They also claim that their calls are around 85-90% accurate. Their websites has past performance data which is quite impressive and sometimes too good to be true.

My question is… how reliable are these websites/brokers who provide daily trading tips for a fee? Does anyone on this forum has any experience (good/bad) dealing with these websites or benefitted from their services/tips?

Would greatly appreciate your views.


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  1. says:

    Thank you Ashal and Anshuk for your responses.

    I registered with Shristocktips, MasterStockTips and Dreamgains for their free trial of 2 days. I found that the calls provided by Dreamgains were more accurate and research based. Also they seem to be in this business for quite sometime. Their support during the free trial was good., over 15K followers on social media. So I am going to go ahead with Dreamgains and hope to benefit from their tips. I will share my experiences (good/bad) after i have utilized their service for a considerable period of time.

    Thanks, Kaushik

  2. Anshuk Jain says:

    You can try for few months and decide yourself. The data on their websites is cherry picked. Remember one thing, if they were so good in giving tips they wouldn’t be in the business of selling their tips to you 🙂

  3. Dear Kaushik, please try one such site & update us with your learnings ‘ll be my call to you. 🙂

    A long time back, dear Manish had written an article for such tips. if you really want to read it & understand this TIPs thing, please take pain to read that article.



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