Interest Income for IT Return

POSTED BY Anirban Ghosh ON June 8, 2012 2:24 pm COMMENTS (4)

While filing IT return for calculating the income from bank interest (savings + term deposits), is it the total of the column 506 (Amount Paid/Credited) in Form 26AS for rows which say section 194A or is it 10,000 less than the aforementioned total?

Will really appreciate If someone can clarify this point. Thanks.

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  1. Anirban Ghosh says:

    Thanks BanyanFA, that is the amount credited to my bank account.

    However my doubt is how to compute the amount of interest earned from bank for IT purpose. Is it the summation of the column 506?

    1. Dear Anirban Ghosh, the summation of column 506 i.e. gross Interest is your actual interest income & same should be put in your ITR.



      1. Anirban Ghosh says:

        That answers my query perfectly. Thank You Ashal Jauhari.

  2. BanyanFA says:

    The amount mentioned in Form 26AS in column 506 is Gross. 507 mentions TDS.
    506-507 is the net amount which should be credited in your bank account.

    Hope that answers your query.


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