Inter city charge Rs 10 in SBI Saving Bank account!

POSTED BY Rishi sinha ON February 17, 2013 7:35 pm COMMENTS (2)

Since January 2013, I am witnessing SBI bank is charing Rs 10 with payment done cash. 

I have a Saving Bank SBI account, Guwahati University branch, Assam.

I am using this account for running a small business so clients deposit cash amount from all over India. 

Earlier the bank used to take Rs 25 as intercity charge, but since January 2013, it is only Rs 10. 

I am inquisitive to know why it is being done? Is it due to policy change or something else. 

I have asked many retired bankers of SBI, but I have not got any response from them. 

I wish I will get response from the members of Jagoinvestors. 



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  1. Dear Rishi, the service charges you are referring to has been reduced by SBI.

    That’s it.



    1. Rishi sinha says:

      Thanks Ashal for clearing my doubt. So, it is happening with every Saving Account holders of SBI.


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