Insurances – Do they provide cover abroad?

POSTED BY monGenie ON December 16, 2011 6:57 pm COMMENTS (3)

Hello everyone!
Do Life Insurance policies, Accidental Insurance policies and Health Insurance policies cover insured person while abroad for work for few years?

If not, is it a good idea to purchase Life Insurance and Health Insurance even when one may travel outside India? I guess purchase of Accidental Insurance can be deferred though.

What do you people think?

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  1. monGenie says:

    Thank you, justgrowmymoney and Ashal, a lot!

  2. Dear Mongenie, the Accident & health policies issued by Gen insurers are bound within the geographical territory of India. The Life insurance policies, once taken ‘ll provide you cover all over the world.



  3. Life Insurance policies cover one’s life in any part of the world. Health Insurance is for treatment only within India.

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