Insurance Plan Comparison

POSTED BY Pradeep Arya ON March 14, 2013 1:13 pm COMMENTS (2)

Which ‘Ajeenvan – Ananad’ plan is better?


Bharti AXA or LIC.


Please help. I am right now invested in Bharti Axa and paying a premium of over 1 Lac an year and found on LIC website that their premium for the same assured amount comes to about 93K an year.


If anyone has any idea over the top then please let me know if its better to stay invested in Bharti AXA. I have paid 2 premiums so far.




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  1. Dear Pradeep, based upon your own understanding, what ‘ll be your profit from your existing policy & what from that LIC policy? What prompted you to pay an insurance prem. of 1L Rs. yly? What’s the sum assured in your existing policy? What’s your yly income & loan liabilities?



  2. Which ‘Ajeenvan – Ananad’ plan is better?

    Neither, If you are interested in simplifying and optimizing your financial life.

    The best option would be for you to get rid of the policy (despite no surrender value) and invest wisely elsewhere according to your goals in instruments which will deliver returns above inflation like equity MFs with some debt instruments.

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